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011Express is a luxury fashion brand launched in 2016 in Turin, Italy currently operating across Europe and looking to expand globally by the end of 2021.

For 011Express we operated a complete branding project, starting from the design and development of the website, the ideation of the logo and the digital strategy to increase first the brand awareness and then the sales, registering a consistent growth across all the relevant platforms.

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the challenge.

011 express’s initial intent was to create a brand that would enter the premium streetwear market. However, this market is not easy to penetrate, for several reasons: first of all, premium streetwear is not a market that in Italy has the breadth it has in other countries and the brands that already populate it make it already overcrowded and saturated.

Therefore, Digilux’s task was to implement an omnichannel strategy that was able to launch the brand on the market and enable it to overcome the competition.

the solution.

Digilux has done a complete branding work.

First of all, we started with the creation of a logo that was in line with the brand identity and with the heritage that 011 express had created.

Therefore, after a careful analysis of the reference market, the competitors and the reference target audience, Digilux has implemented various digital strategies first to increase brand awareness and then sales.

In this regard, Digilux designed the eCommerce website and implemented a crossed strategy with the use of the most relevant social media platforms in terms of engagement and reach and the SEO to create consistency and coherency through all the media platforms and drive the traffic to the website to boost the sales.

Also, a program of collaborations with various celebrities of the Italian trap scene has been launched, including the Dark Polo Gang.

To give complete and professional support to the creation and implementation of the visual content such as photo and video shoots, we worked closely with our design experts.

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